The extraordinary Japanese bar layouts from Shegemasa Noi in this review will show to us a new design of an entertainment space and having fun space. We can see the unique design of the bar space in this series that completely decorate with the wooden decorations. We can see that the supporting component in this place was the wood material. As the component that supports the whole performance of this place, we can see the inspiring contemporary bar designs. The inspiring side of this bar was come from the using of the abstract style. We can see that the unique and abstract style of this bar was completely come from the layouts of the bar itself. As the complement inspiration, this bar was come from the thought of Japanese culture. We can see from the wooden material that uses to decorate this space and other supporting ideas. Those who love with these smart Japanese bar decorations plans; they can come to this simple wooden interior decor and get the complete inspirations of these unique wooden interior ideas.